Christel Parker LMFT

"Hope and healing always occur within the context of connections. Connections include the ones that we have with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. Eating Disorders can be viewed as Diseases of Disconnection as they work to sever these important growth-fostering relationships."
Mary Tantillo PhD PMHCNS-BC FAED

You are not alone in your experiences with the illness and the recovery process. Outpatient therapy provides an opportunity for you to examine the role of the eating disorder in relationships, to gain insight into the function of the symptoms, to develop strategies to disconnect from the eating disorder and to explore new opportunities to connect with self and others in recovery.

Please call me or send an email to learn more about services provided. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and the other supportive people in your life as you move through recovery and towards a life without the eating disorder.